Senior Living

As our Boomers become older, we are presented with more challenges. Our “Wellness” products and services, from, can help families to support independent living and aging in place. Monitor activities of daily living and critical events. The availability of real-time sensor data and intelligent algorithms allow you to establish routine activity patterns, and identify abnormalities and emergency events.
Not just another pushbutton: these devices allow you to receive insight into activities of daily living such as:

  • Nighttime Falls
  • Sleep Patterns & Sleeplessness
  • Sedentary Lifestyles or Wandering
  • Odd and Erratic Eating Habits
  • Infrequent or Excessive Bathroom Activities
  • Medication Adherence

When to consider Wellness:

  • Your family member wants to stay at home as they age, but want the security of knowing someone is watching out for them.
  • You worry that something has happened when your aging family member doesn’t stay in touch.
  • A family member has had a recent illness that requires some extra care, but can’t afford expensive assisted living.
  • You want a safety net for active and healthy aging family members.

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