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1. the act or activity of providing pleasure or amusement.


If you’re a music lover, you probably cannot think of a better way to wind down after a long day than to listen to some music in the comfort of your own home. Our whole house audio systems allow you to listen to what you want, where you want, when you want it. Stream music straight from your phone or tablet to any room in the house plus your outdoor entertainment areas. Complex audio systems can intimidate even the most tech-savvy listener, increasing the odds that you will not use the system. Our multi-room home stereo systems are so simple to use, there’s no excuse to not turn them on.

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Lose the ear-buds and forget about looking at big ugly boxes. Your audio speakers can be installed into the ceilings or walls, becoming almost invisible. All of the systems’ components can be installed in a closet or other location where they will be hidden from view.

Take advantage of our technology, and let the music flow!

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Equipment Options

The Sonos system allows you to stream all your music from your smartphone, tablet or PC, including cover art. Connect seamlessly to music services such as; Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, SiriusXM, Deezer and more!

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Enjoy music in up to four areas with 60W of high-quality sound. Features advanced parametric capability with the Control4 Equalizer app which drives professional quality sound.




Pop some popcorn, grab a drink, and relax in front of your own TV. Our technology allows you to affordably bring the theater experience into your own home. With a flat screen TV and our 5.1 surround sound home theater speaker package, the way you watch TV will never be the same again.

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Today, most movies and sporting events are broadcast in HD as well as 5.1 surround sound. The audio from our systems is so realistic that when the fans start cheering you’ll be tempted to turn around and see who’s sitting behind you. So, don’t just watch a sporting event or movie from your couch—ATTEND it from your couch. You will feel like you’re there with our surround sound and high definition video.

Whether you’re building a new home in Richmond, Virginia, or enhancing your current home, our home theatre systems are installed seamlessly by our experienced technical staff—experts at blending your new components into the décor of any room. Our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are virtually invisible. With several levels of sound quality to select from, choose thechoose the home theater setup that matches your budget. Our showrooms are outfitted with the same products that will be installed in your home; we welcome you to come in and try out the systems before installing it.

Equipment Options


Home Theater Receiver

Home Theater Receivers decode the audio and send it to one of five speakers immersing you in the movie or sporting event. Our receivers also up-convert standard video to high definition, delivering quality video regardless of the signal.

Our BluRay players allow you to watch the highest definition video available as well as play your standard DVD’s. It also serves as your CD player. Additionally, these players allow you to access services like Netflix and Hulu.


BluRay Player


In-Ceiling Speaker


Our speaker partner, Klipsch, manufatures the highest quality speakers on the market. Just visit a Regal Cinema or Hard Rock Café and you’ll hear what we’re talking about. Once installed in your ceiling or wall, you’ll forget they are there, until you turn them on.