Protect your family

Security noun
1. precautions taken to guard against crime, attack, sabotage, etc.
2. freedom from danger, risk, anxiety, or doubt.

The purpose of a security system is to safeguard your home and possessions and, more importantly, protect that which cannot so easily be replaced—your loved ones. Our goal is to deliver peace of mind both in knowing that you’re protected and that you have chosen the best company to maintain your safety. Because we are locally owned, we are available to meet with you to assess your individual needs and to create a custom system that makes you feel secure and protected. Our availability does not end there—when you call, you get to speak directly with employees of Structured Cable of Virginia. You will never speak with a subcontractor or an automated service.

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best technology available, we have partnered with Criticom Monitoring Services, (CMS), to ensure that we provide the highest level of protection. CMS has three monitoring centers located across the country and each center is UL Listed and backed up by two Caterpillar generators and uninterruptible power supplies. The monitoring centers are interconnected which allows them to load balance by redistributing operator resources during spikes in alarm activity. This allows us to respond to you quicker than ever and we believe that you will notice the change.

Should you need to report or cancel an alarm, please call:  804-934-0980 or toll free 855-821-1332

We strive to protect you against other hazards such as smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Custom systems and our affordable packages will allow you to find the right level of monitoring for your family. By strategically installing sensors that detect the presence of these dangers, we can alert you and immediately contact the local authorities in the event of emergency.


In addition to our advanced smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors, our products allow you to integrate security cameras into your perimeter and interior security systems. These security cameras may be watched remotely in real time from any device with a high-speed internet connection. Whether on vacation or simply at the office, you can ensure the safety of your child returning home from school or monitor the activities of a worker in your home by checking texts messages and live feeds sent to your mobile device.

Circle Element


Let us be your second pair of eyes. With any of our systems, the life that you’ve worked so hard to build will be protected around the clock.

Our systems boast:

  • Local 24 hour security monitoring services
  • Surveillance cameras, alarms, and motion detection
  • Mobile alerts and notifications
  • Potential insurance premium discount of up to 20%
graphic keypad for home security


Keypads monitor the status of your system and display the information via Graphic Touch screen. In addition to user codes, emergency and duress codes are programmed for your protection.

Motion detectors are placed around the home in high traffic areas. They are your second line of defense and detect movement within the home. Pet immune sensors are also available. These allow your pet the freedom it deserves without the inconvenience of triggering alarms or having to disarm them.


Motion Detectors


Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO)

When fire or gas leaks strike, your only concern is getting everyone out of the home as quickly and as safely as possible. Our smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors are early warning devices designed to give you the time you need to safely exit. The smoke from a fire is far more deadly than the flames. Both smoke and carbon monoxide deplete the oxygen from the air causing respiratory distress, nausea, dizziness, and with prolonged exposure, unconsciousness and even death. Quick detection is paramount.

  • Smoke detectors provide early warning of smoke and/or heat
  • Heat Detectors monitor rapid temperature changes or the passing of a set temperature peak point
  • CO detectors measure the amount of carbon monoxide in the air
  • These devices are always on, saving lives while at home and reducing loss while away

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors provide an early warning to the presence of smoke particles in the air. Combined with the built-in Rate-of-Rise heat detectors, these devices offer the highest level of fire safety.



Today’s camera systems easily tie into your home network allowing you to view live streaming video from any device that is connected to high speed internet. Keeping an eye on the cleaners or contractors working in your home, verifying an alarm, monitoring when your children return home from school, and making sure your teens keep curfew are just some of the endless uses of your new home security system.

  • Give family members their own codes in order to monitor who comes and goes and when
  • View live feeds of your cameras while away from home
  • Record entry and exit activity for later confirmation
  • Get text messages about these activities


Camera use is limited only by your imagination. Check in on nurseries or play areas, babysitters or cleaning crews, and even record an actual break-in or vandalism– the applications are limitless.

Remote services allow you to control and watch your home from anywhere. Arm or disarm your system, view streaming video, unlock door locks, receive text messages when your system is accessed. A perfect way to keep an eye on aging parents or children staying home alone.


Remote Services