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Structure noun
1. Something arranged in a definite pattern of organization.

Our structured cabling systems allow a variety of services in your home to be combined. Each jack from your various components is run to a single “Plug and Play” media hub. By centralizing your systems, you can reconfigure your home as technology and your needs change.

Our technology integration solutions allow all your data feeds to enter your home at a centralized location. The incoming data follows a series of cables to a router or other centrally located piece of equipment. From this data hub, we can then direct all internet, telephone, video, and other signals to their proper device. As your needs evolve, the use of your devices can be upgraded or moved as easily as unplugging a cable from its jacks on both ends. A well-planned structured cable system will enable you to make changes easily without damaging walls, re-wiring your home, or wasting space. In this way, we will provide you optimum performance and flexibility while extending the life and usability of your systems.

Structured wiring

Data and Telephone

Utilizing the latest wiring with the best speed rating will allow you to benefit from today’s high-speed internet capabilities. Your internet is only as fast as your cable and router allow. Avoid wasted speed potential by taking advantage of our Category 5e cabling, which contains twisted pairs of wires capable of carrying signals up to 1000 Megabits per second at 100MHz. These cables allow you to experience internet the way it was meant to be—streaming music, video, and other media applications. Goodbye, buffering.


Coaxial Cable

RG6U coaxial cable has 4 shields, offering the highest quality video images while blocking outside interference. Our video cable is designed to carry the high definition content currently available from media providers.

Equipment Options


Distribution Center

All media services enter the home at this point. This distribution center then delivers each service to the module shown below. It serves as the main hub or terminal for each provider you wish to use, including telephone, internet, cable/satellite, and more.

The distribution module appropriates each service sent to the wall jacks inside the home. It also allows you to easily make changes to your desired media devices by simply switching out the wires.


Distribution Module



Jacks are located throughout the home to bring internet, video, and telephone services to the rooms.