It’s Not Your Mother’s Vacuum

Vacuum verb
1. To draw or take in by or as if by suction.

Structured Cable of VA installs central vacuum systems in homes throughout Central Virginia.
These systems provide the re convenient, cleaner home. Convenience cleaning means you’ll never have to carry a vacuum from room to room again since vacuum cleaning power will always be close at hand.


One of the first things you’ll realize is how much cleaner the air inside their home is once you start using your system. Allergy sufferers in particular notice an immediate reduction in their symptoms. In fact, science has proven that using a central vacuum system actually alleviates allergy symptoms. The principle is very simple, the central vacuum system transports all of the dirt, dust, odors and allergens to the can located outside of the home in the garage. Not sure, read the study.

central-vacuum2 The light weight hose and attachments make cleaning any area a snap. The long hose allows you to easily move from one area to another without stopping.
Having the main can located in the garage, allows you to vacuum your vehicles or workshop. No need for an additional shop vac. central-vacuum