Landline vs Cellular Connection for Alarm Monitoring

Landlines or hardwired phone lines were once the only way alarm signals could travel from an alarm system to a central station. We continue to rely on them, but they are a slower form of data transmission, they do not support mobile applications and they are beginning to go away for a generation of people who opt for cell phones only inside and outside the home. On the other hand, our GSM Cell alarm systems communicate through cellular towers and eliminate the need for the hardwire phone line. They also eliminate the possibility of a phone line failure interrupting service, or a burglar cutting that line and causing your system to go down. Another benefit is you can get rid of that hardwired phone line if the alarm connection is the only reason you have it. This can reduce your costs and increase your safety.

The GSM cell technology also opens the door to the world of anytime, anywhere access for conveniently controlling the alarm system, lights, locks cameras and the list goes on. It allows you to manage your security, your communications and your home right in the palm of your hand.

Regardless of how you are connected, you are receiving the same trusted 24/7 alarm monitoring and support services from us – and we thank you Valued Customer for putting your trust in us as your alarm services provider.

Security Specialists / Structured Cable of VA offers an upgrade to the 2Gig Alarm
System with GSM and full color touch screen – starting at $99.00 plus tax with a new
monitoring agreement at $39.95. Contact us at 804-934-0000 for
information or quote to upgrade.