Hurricane Florence

With the impending chance that hurricane Florence will affect our weather, bringing  the potential of high winds and heavy rains, please review the following information regarding your security and fire alarm system. Our number one concern is for your safety.

  • Your system is monitored, simultaneously, in 3 different areas of the country. Florida, New Jersey and California. We are prepared to answer all alarm signals, at any of the 3 centers, so the weather has no effect on the monitoring response of your system.
  • If your system relies on a phone line to transmit these alarm signals, there is the potential that your phone line service could be disrupted. If your phone line is inoperable, your alarm signals cannot be transmitted to our monitoring centers.
  • If your system relies on wireless, (radio), to transmit these alarm signals, your signals will go through unless cell service is interrupted.
  • If you have a power failure at your home, your system has a back-up battery that will power the system for a short period of time. (the length of time is determined by the size of your system and the age of the battery) The system will automatically switch to the back-up battery and should recharge itself when the power is restored. When the system switches from the primary power to the battery back-up, your keypad may give you an alert tone. (beeping from your keypad). If this happens, please enter your code and the off button and this should silence the beeping.
  • If you have a power failure that lasts for an extended period of time, the battery will at some point be used up. When power is restored, you should perform a battery test to ensure that your battery is functioning fine. If we lose power at our Richmond office, we may lose our local phone service for a period of time. We have a back-up generator but if the lines are damaged, we may not have service. This does not affect the emergency Central Station phone numbers you were provided, allowing you to speak directly to the monitoring center. These direct dial phone numbers are: 804.934.0980 and 800.432.1429.

Thank you in advance for your patience while we deal with this possible emergency situation.