Home Technology Trends 2017

CE Pro’s top 5 trends to watch for in home technology:

  1. Voice Control Integration – devices offered from companies such as; Amazon and Google will stimulate the creation of hundreds of smart devices that can interact with the hubs.
  2. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – what began as a fun way to play games will create a new market for reality based products and services.
  3. Device Discovery and Data Collection – the biggest example of this is Google reading your gmails and knows from your Delta confirmation when you need to leave for the airport, which route to take and where your gate is.
  4. New Models in Tech Deployment – buyers will have more options for purchasing their technology than ever before.
  5. Fiber in the Home – increasing bandwidth needs driven by 4K with HDR boost demand for fiber in the home. Fiber is ready to send signals at 100GB speeds, while the consumer electronics industry is only asking for 18GB.

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